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Creating and crafting things is my passion since I can remember. So studying industrial design was my obvious choice. After my studies we founded the collective Soeder and from 2013 to 2017 I designed many products for our own brand – all products were made in Europe and mostly from natural materials.

Since 2017 I focused on other projects and did various freelance jobs from interior design to graphic and web design.

My main interest lays in the sustainability in design and development. I like to look at the whole picture and to alter the design only where it's necessary, keeping resources, our impact on the planet and efficiency in mind.

Are you interested in my services? Feel free to contact me.

Scarlet Allenspach is a ambitious designer, focused on projects with a simplicity and cleverness. Design Concept, Product design, Interior Design, Web Design, Designer basel, Swiss Design, Schweizer Designerin, Design Portfolio

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