In times of climate change, everyone is talking about the problems, but only a few people are showing solutions. People have lost their connection to live with nature, but there are many sustainable alternatives for housing, agriculture and our daily life in general. The principles of permaculture are useful guidelines to implement nature back into our culture.


In the next years I'm planning to open up a permaculture retreat in Mallorca. The idea is to host workshops, permaculture design courses, yoga retreats, farm-to-table-dinners and being an example of sustainable agriculture and tourism.

With this permaculture retreat I want to provide a place to communicate a modern way of sustainable living not just in theory. Here people will be able to experience and implement the practices of permaculture.

I'm grateful for any support to reach my dream, advice or helpful contacts on the island!


Permaculture means working with nature, not against it. Therefore, the land will have three main functions: It will provide a living area, where we will also teach knowledge of sustainable living, it will provide food for us, guests and possibly others and it will provide a natural habitat for wildlife and nature. The three functions work hand in hand and restore the circle of nature.

Living area:

guest house, course room, recreation room, pool, facilities, chicken

Restoration area:

Afforestation, wild life, woodland

Agricultural area:

Vegetable garden agro-forestry, organic orchard


For this project to work, I need to find a property with the following criterias:

  • Size: min. 10’000 m² plot

  • min. 100 m² building surface

  • Location: preferably south-east of mallorca, within 30 minutes from the sea by bike. 

  • Good soil quality to grow vegetables and plant trees. Also an existing orchard would be nice.

  • Well or other access to water.

  • Ideally it would be close to a forest, access to electricity and all legal papers in order.

  • Building to restore or building ready to use/renovate or building permission.

Contact me, if you can help me find the perfect property!



• All buildings will be made of renewable or traditional, local materials.
• Rainwater will be harvested wherever possible.
• Graywater (from showers and washing machines) will have a second use to flush toilets or to water the garden.
• Electricity will come from renewable sources (solar, geothermal and/or wind).
• Whenever possible locally produced and organic products from the island will be privilegend and supported.


  • The plot will be cultivated to permaculture standards (organic, regenerative and without degrading the soil).

  • We aim to use as little water as possible.

  • There will be an orchard and garden to showcase the permaculture principles (agroforestry, biointensive gardening, ...).

  • Plants will be mostly edible or nitrogen fixing. Native species preferred.

  • One part of the land is reserved for afforestation.



This is an ongoing project and still in a very early stage. Check out my blog for any updates.

Sign up, if you are interested in any news about the mallorca project.

Vielen Dank!


It's obvious that I can't do this project on my own. I depend on mental, physical, as well as financial support from friends, family and from people who share my enthusiasm for permaculture and regenerative ways of life. 

Thanks to all of you, who already helped me in one way or another! 

I will inform you in more detail about the options of financial support. 

For now I gratefully accept donations to support my mission. 

Your donation will be used to get the project started. The first expenses will be for the development of the property, building materials, solar panels, machinery and loads of plants. If you require more information about the budget, feel free to contact me

Account Information:

Scarlet Alexandra Allenspach

IBAN: ES44 0061 0148 3101 8671 0170

Banca March, Mallorca