Have you ever heard of permaculture? Permaculture is a set of design principles centered on whole systems thinking, utilizing the patterns in natural ecosystems. 

When I heard about the permaculture principles for the first time, it felt like an epiphany. These are the principles I unconsciously follow in all my design processes. Implementing them helps me to check how meaningful my projects really are.

In 2018 I made my permaculture design certificate, an experience that changed my life. I'm eager to explore the intersections between permaculture and (product-) design and to teach others how we can make this world a better, greener place.

In 2018 I started my start-up URBANROOTS to help city people to start growing their own food and to provide them with the best, locally grown organic seeds.


What's next? I hope to open up a permaculture retreat in mallorca in the next few years, to be an example for sustainable tourism and to spread the word about the possibilities that permaculture holds for our current problems with climate change.

Stay tuned!

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