Seiler Juwelier: New Website and Social Media

I'm happy to announce, that my new client Seiler Juwelier is launching the new website I designed. When I first get to know a new client, I always start with an analysis of their status quo of the company, why they asked for my help and expertise and what they expect as an end result of my work.

My talent is to look at the hole picture instead of just implementing the task I've been asked for. So I usually work out a design concept first. With this technique we can make sure, that we spend out energy (and money) at the right place, getting the most out of it.

As an industrial designer and entrepreneur I understand the process from idea to sale. This gives me a bigger picture than most designers.

My task at Seiler Juwelier is to get the communication on the big wide web up and running, get new clients into the store and keep regulars posted on events and new collections in the store.

The Design Concept included the elaboration of the target groups on Facebook and Instagram, manifesting a guide line on picture language, hashtags, defining goals, propose an action plan for the upcoming year and finally designing the website and taking over the accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Check out the social media channels and website here:

Seiler Juwelier on Instagram

Seiler Juwelier on Facebook

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