Social Media Design & Management

I started using social media for business purposes when I managed the Soeder Store Basel in 2015. It seemed an easy and direct method to inform our customers about the hidden values behind our products. Sustainability is a difficult topic to see when you walk into a store. I soon became interested how to optimize this task and how to communicate our message in an entertaining and fun way.

Since I seemed to have a talent, I've been asked to take over some other accounts from friends, who were also self-employed and needed some help with online communication.

When I started my new business I started my instagram campaign six months before I even started selling a product. Since the business is only online I am using Instagram and Facebook as my main distribution channels. The results were quite astonishing. And it encouraged me to deepen my knowledge in this field. With my background in design I can offer a full package form graphics, illustrations, short videos. Something most other communications need a bigger team for.

Since January 2019 I officially offer social media design & management as a service. With a new client I usually start off with a thorough analysis of their current appearance. Then I offer to make a full social media concept and a proposal of a campaign plan for the coming year. We define an independent style and picture language that matches the target group and the image of the company.

After that I like to work as independently as possible, leaving the client with almost no work. I take over the accounts and feed them with provided content.

I'm happy to say that this is a growing part of my income and it is something I quite enjoy doing.

Take a look at my clients profile to get am insight of my methods of operation.