European Youth Choir Festival on Social Media

The european youth choir festival hat great plans for 2020. It was supposted to be the first time to use social media to involve participants and to share live videos from all the different concerts. I was asked to get the new instagram channel started, set this project up and guide it through the festival.

We had e great start. Over 1000 young people are singing during the festival that takes place every second year in Basel. So social media is the perfect place to get them all involved. But our great plans were crossed by the corona virus.

The festival with over 40 concerts had to be cancelled, but all the advertising material has already been ordered. So we did a mini-festival-campaign. The 926 flags with the date EJCF 2020 were turned into a multicoloured solidarity blanket of 463 square meters. In the livestream, not only the audience in Switzerland but also the international choir scene could follow how the cloth grew over six hours, accompanied by choral music from past festivals.

Luckily all the 13 choirs were able to postpone their concerts and the european youth choir festival will take place in may 2021.

Follor the european youth choir festival on instagram!

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