Social Media Workshop for small-scale enterprises

I've been managing the social media accounts for AUTHENTICA, a swiss fair for small-scale producers for three years now and over the time I got to know all the producers quite well. Talking to them during the fairs I often got to hear, that they know how effective social media can be as a small business. But as most of them are doing everything themselfs, it is not surprising, that they don't have the time or knowledge to take care of it.

AUTHENTICA is a network of over 100 producers all over Switzerland. For me, as their social media manager, it is crucial, that they all engage, share and post their news, so I can help them to get visible. To motivate them to use social media to not only push their business, but also to give us a boost association, I held a short speech at the annual association meeting.

My focus was to show them, that our network is a huge benefit for all of us, since we can share each others posts. My speech had an immediate impact on the count of out followers. And I was very happy to see that many of the members started using facebook and instagram more frequently and even enjoyed doing so.

Here you can see how the subscriptions on our facebook page went up after my speech.

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