Social Selling Workshop

After self-studying my skills about social media over various websites I finally decided to take part at a face-to-face-workshop at digicomp.

The key learnings of the workshop where:

  • Knowledge of the relationship between Social Media and Social Selling

  • Knowing the possibilities of Social Selling  

  • Recognizing the potential and risks of Social Selling in daily use

  • Knowledge of the necessary tools 

To be honest I didn't learn much during the workshop exept for one thing: That I already knew an awful lot about the topic. I'm a person that can self-study very well, when something really catches my interest. And there are so many tutorials and tipps on the internet, if you just take your time to search for them. I hoped, that the workshop would answer my questions about how to use linkedin better in practice, but the workshop was mostly theoretical. I don't regret having spent my money for this workshop though, because the confirmation of m knowledge is equaly valuable.

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