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In the context of a competitopn of the swiss Werkbund, we put up a interdisciplinary team and formulated our idea of how students could live in a space smaller than 50m3 per person. 

Our concept is based on the different levels of privacy and interaction with theyr flatmates. 

The stairway is the center of the concept and the place where the students meet. By walking up the stairs every resident passes the livingroom area ot each floor, shared with a smaller group of flatmates. Thereby the shared space can be more spatious then several small apartments without giving up space for privacy and enheancing the interaction between the students. 


p.s. We won the competition. Thank you to Schweizer Werkbund for the oportunity and to Elis Reusser (interior design) and Manuel Lehmann (social work) for the great collaboration! 

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